Sleep with your limbs dangling off the edge of the bed to let the monsters know you're willing.

Sasha // Highschool student from the states. //
Anonymous said: Are you still going to do the promo? Just a little curious~

I almost never do my promos right after they finish because I’m lazy, but I always do them eventually. Plus it’s Easter today and I have family over soo…


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Photography: Laura Barcia, Art Direction: Georgina Santiago 
Model: Silvia Arenas at Uniko Models, Make up: Mati Beltrán
pniyo said: aw, stop it, you're making me blush c: but no i just saw those messages about feminism and i'm proud of you, you remind me of me back in the days... when i was young and beautiful...

omgomgomg ur so cool

pniyo said: i'm proud of u son.

whhaaaat. omg why are u messaging me, you and you’re themes are so awesome.

First 60+

- mbf me (pizza-desu)
- likes ignored
- 2 solos, 2 screenies, 1 list of 10 

detail at 3.1 phillip lim, spring 2012

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untitled by mio moi mio on Flickr.